Girls Need Love

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photography + creative direction // Kiah McBride


He can feel my vibe.

I’ve never been a shy girl, my eyes betray me before my lips part and speak what we’ve both been thinking. And it’s been on my mind all day. In the morning where wet dreams saturate dry sheets. At work where hidden corners become forbidden fantasies. On a Sunday, when thoughts slip past pulpits and dive into pools of pleasure.

Mmmm. Yes, Lawd.

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I’m not afraid to ask for what I want.

And I ain’t too proud to beg for what I need. His touch sends a shiver down my spine, and if I wasn’t careful, I’d be walking on thin ice—bound to break at any time. I want something that Ben & Jerry’s can’t satisfy. Limited edition, my ice cream is a unique flavor. His cream is filling. I cream, I’m willing.

But I can’t let just anyone take a dip.

Rainbows are rare, and not every beau deserves a taste. I never claimed to be a good girl, but I’m bad at pretending that something casual is what I desire. Temporary interactions don’t work for a woman who aims to please and to be pleasured. 

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My worth has me waiting. Discipline has me marinating. It takes more than sweet words and soft touches to get the best of me. I’m holding out for a life-long commitment. Not thirsty for a diamond baby I’m a ruby—one of a kind, uncommon.  No God complex, I just see God in me.

Girls need love, but women know they’re the epitome of it.

Girls need love, but women know they’re the epitome of it. I’ll love myself first before I settle for some casual dick.

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