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Why You Should Do A Staycation

It started out with one simple thought: I need a vacation. Which may sound weird considering I live in sunny L.A. I’m less than an hour from beautiful beaches, a drive through the mountains towards Vegas, a couple of hours from a desert oasis, and yet still I felt this need to escape, to go somewhere different.

But I could see my bank account flashing red at the thought of me spending another dime on something more extravagant like Hawaii or the Caribbean. My splurges are occasional these days, because when you’re chasing a life filled with purpose, it often comes at the sacrifice of comfortable living, big paychecks, and the certainty that comes from settling—at least at first.

A Staycation AirBnB for a Vacation on a BudgetBut despite not having the funds, I knew I that if I didn’t at least get one day where I wasn’t surrounded by the temptation of work and play that I was going to lose it.

I needed to be somewhere quiet. I needed to get away from the world. But I needed to do so on a budget, which meant staying close to home.

Remembering the credit that I had accumulated I logged into my AirBnb account and began searching for a spot close by that fit the vibe I was going for—relaxed, peaceful, a beautifully designed fuck-you to the real world that continuously pulled me into its daily shenanigans of the passionless and the pseudo-political. I had a small credit that I had accumulated on my cross-country jaunt to L.A just the year prior, so with a strict budget in mind I began my search, and I found the perfect spot.

It was only 20 minutes away, nestled in the hills of Topanga Canyon. The reviews were raving, the vibe said “come chill out,” and the promise of having my chakras taken care of made me a tad bit curious. Not to mention that my muscles had already started relaxing at the thought of soaking in the deep tub that has become such a luxury after living in a place with no A/C that forced me to leave windows open, allowing a constant layer of dirt to settle around the tub of my own place. So I booked the spot and packed my bags just a week later.

To do a staycation right—if not in your home, you have to make it feel like home. I slipped my favorite candle into to my bag along with bath salts, bubble bath, and a loofah. My slippers couldn’t be left behind, nor could my essential oils.




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I arrived at what the owner deemed the “white house” in the early afternoon when the sun was on its descent to the other side of the earth. She wasn’t home at first, but the gate was cracked so I let myself in to the little guest room that was just off of the main house. I silently exclaimed a “hell yeah” as I opened the door to the bright white room—it was just as describe—serene, peaceful, and begging for someone to partake into me-time.

The owner arrived shortly thereafter, offering cookies and informing me that I was open to the backyard and her home at any time. I thanked her and ducked back into my temporary oasis, eager for some time away from people.

I quickly made the spot my home, pulling out my laptop, journal, and book that I would be diving into for the first time in months, because, distractions. When night time came, I ran the bath water, lit my candles, and turned on my Staycation playlist to set the mood.


I relaxed.

I indulged.

I released everything that wasn’t contributing to my progression—doubtful thoughts, draining people, and energies that were keeping me off my path of purpose. Before I left in the morning the owner offered me an Angelic cleanse, it was different, but added to the uniqueness of the experience.

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My staycation was brief, but it was just enough to get me back focused. That’s the great thing about getting away, even just for a moment, you realign yourself with what truly matters and disconnect from what doesn’t. You find that peace comes from within, it’s the outside influences that you allow into your life that push you into a chaotic place. Sometimes you just need to dip off for a minute and clear your head in order to get back in the game.

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  1. Nice! This is definitely what I need. A staycation is on my list of goals (43 things to do before I turn 44). Although I’ve gotten away for a day or two here and there, it has always been in the company of someone else. I need to ride solo! Just to think and re-energize.

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